Air, A Movie About Nike And Michael Jordan Arrives On Amazon Prime

Nike is a brand recognized for sponsoring great athletes like Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players in the NBA and with whom the brand has an agreement for the high sales of Air JordanIn fact, it is estimated that he currently receives between 60 and 120 million dollars. This brand is currently paying $125 million a year to the NBA for being its main sponsor, according to ESPN data. While his sponsorship contract with the NFL is signed until 2028 and that of the MLB until 2030. Total, Nike has more than 650 endorsement deals in more than 140 sports leaguesbeing the city of New York the one that concentrates the majority with more than 75 sponsorships.

“Air: The story behind the logo” unveils how the incredible collaboration between Nike and former basketball player, Michael Jordan, came about, Revolutionizing not only the world of sports but also the fashion industry, Air Jordan was born. The plot is based on the commitment made by the brand to an unconventional team, as well as the vision of a mother who knows full well the incalculable value of her son’s talent, in addition to contextualizing the athlete becoming one of the greatest legends of the sport, however, never participates in the film. The film was directed by Ben Affleck, the current husband of Jennifer Lopez.

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