Music and Score of Netflix Drama Explored

Netflix’s The Mother is a film packed with music but which songs feature in its soundtrack and who composed its score?

Music in films and TV shows can make or break a final product. The choice of original music or licensed tracks can add the perfect feeling to any scene.

In the case of Netflix’s latest arrival, The Mother, the film manages to blend music that helps to immerse viewers in its globetrotting locations as well as to illicit emotion, but which songs feature in its soundtrack?

Release date of The Mother and plot summary

The Mother debuted on Netflix Friday, May 12th 2023.

Jennifer Lopez stars in the movie, which tells of the deadly assassin female known only as The Mother.

She has attracted some of the most dangerous men in the world over the past few years. Now, it looks like her crimes will finally come back to haunt her.

When her pursuers are after her daughter, the mother is forced to come out from hiding. She had abandoned her years ago in hopes that her safety would be guaranteed in this moment.

The Mother soundtrack

The Mother makes use of plenty of music, much of which takes on an adventurous feel thanks to the film’s globetrotting narrative.

Who is the composer of this score?

As well as The Mother’s licensed songs, the film also features an original score by American composer, Germaine Franco.

Franco is of American Mexican descent and made history when, in 2021, she was the first woman to compose the score for a Disney movie, Encanto. Her work went on to receive an Oscar nomination.

Franco is also known for her music compositions for Dope and Margarita.

On top of that, she also composed additional music for Pixar’s Coco which was scored primarily by Michael Giacchino.

To coincide with the release of The Mother, Germaine Franco’s tense and action-packed score has been released as an album that fans can find on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.  

The Mother can be streamed now at Netflix Released on May 12th, 2023.

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