3 Notable Career Lessons from The Netflix Miniseries – The Queen’s Gambit

Key Highlights

  • Try your hands on a broad range of skills: It is essential to encourage children to learn different skills and not just focus on academics or leisure activities like watching TV. Adults can also benefit from learning new skills and exploring their interests.
  • Work on monetizing your skills: It is crucial to identify marketable talents and find ways to package and sell them. This could lead to financial stability and career growth.
  • Mentorship is key: Having a mentor who has already achieved success in your chosen career path can help you avoid obstacles and achieve your goals faster.

The Queen’s Gambit is more than just a chess sensation. It also highlights crucial life-enhancing tips that people often ignore.

Some of these ideas might seem commonplace. But I assure you, they can make a difference in your life and in the lives of your children.

Try Your Hands on a Broad Range of Skills

What would Beth Harmon, the main character of the series, have become if she hadn’t stumbled upon chess? There’s no telling, but one thing is for sure; she most probably would not have found greatness as she did.

As parents, you mustn’t let school, homework, and TV time be the sum total of your kid’s life. Practical skill acquisition is also important and for grownups, it’s never too late to try something new, especially if you don’t enjoy what you do or don’t get paid enough for it.

So many people endure their jobs because they lack the skills that would enable them to make a switch.

Moreover, it cannot be said enough that one should have the capacity to earn income from more than one source. You will live in abundance if you have many avenues that you can fall back on when need be.

Work on Monetizing Your Skills

Do you have marketable talents that you fail to monetize?

Watch your interests and natural inclinations carefully, and you may find that you have talents that people will be willing to pay you good money for. You just have to find a way to package yourself and your ideas.

Mentorship is key

Having a mentor will help you avoid roadblocks in your chosen career path. When you have someone in your corner who’s been where you want to get to, you’d arrive at your destination much faster than if you have to figure everything out on your own.

Have you seen The Queen’s Gambit?

What lessons did you learn from it?

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