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Jamaican film-maker Fernando Edwards’ debut movie, Rooted Betrayal, is officially on the market. The psychological thriller was released April 15 on Amazon Prime.

That is a big deal for Portmore, St Catherine-raised Edwards, who is already looking ahead for bigger things.

“As a film-maker/director, I can now focus on my next project and start attaching team members to help my vision come to life with better quality work. It’s crucial to have the right team in place when taking on a project, rather than trying to take on all the roles,” he said.

Edwards took a hands-on approach to the 30-minute film. He wrote the screenplay for Rooted Betrayal, played the lead role of Andre, and directed and provided most of the funds for it. The movie took two years to complete, but Edwards said he will be better prepared next time around.

“With my newfound knowledge, I can confidently take the steps necessary to bring my creative ideas to life. The important key is that I now know all the next steps to take and can move forward with clarity and purpose,” he said.

Edwards got into the catering and film industries after moving to Los Angeles 10 years ago from Missouri where he attended college. A partner in the Taste Of Flava company, he has appeared in movies such as She Ball, a 2020 comedy starring Nick Cannon, Cedric The Entertainer and Chris Brown.

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