Robert Pattinson Is The Latest Hottie To Be Cast As A Killer By Netflix

Robert Pattinson is the latest hot white man in Hollywood to be cast as a serial killer in a Netflix project and is it just me or is there a pattern here?

Our beloved Batman has taken on a new role in a dark comedy/thriller scripted and directed by Adam McKay, AKA the mind behind Netflix’s Don’t Look Up.

The film, titled Average Height, Average Build (lol), follows a serial killer who hires a political lobbyist to change laws that would make it easier for him to get away with his murders, Deadline reports. It’s meant to be funny and sardonic but also a genuine thriller since, you know, it’s about murder.

Much like Don’t Look Up, the cast for Average Height, Average Build is fkn stacked: Pattinson as the lead, of course, but then we’ve also got Amy Adams as the lobbyist and Robert Downey Jr as a retired cop intent on solving Pattinson’s murders.

Also like Don’t Look Up, the film will be a commentary on real-life issues — in this case, corruption in politics rather than denialism about climate change.

Now look, I personally hated Don’t Look Up.

It felt like a pretentious, condescending circle-jerk that was created to make us feel like we’re on a moral high ground, unlike those (fictional) people who are in denial about global warming. Rolling Stone put it as “one man’s wake-up-sheeple howl into the abyss”, which is pretty apt.

Given what a cringe film it was, I was initially weary about Average Height, Average Build — even if McKay’s other works like The Big Short and Vice were good — but the addition of Robert Pattinson gives me hope. I mean, pretty much every film he’s been a part of recently has been a slay, and I find it hard to imagine him involving himself in a self-gratuitous project that is actually cringe.

And hey, at least he isn’t playing a real life serial killer in a docu-soap that inadvertednly romanticses killers. Lord knows we don’t need any more horny edits of known murderers on TikTok.


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