‘Halo’s’ Jason Staten Joins Netflix as AAA Multiplatform Game Creative Director

Joseph Staten, a name familiar to sci-fi aficionados and gaming fans, has recently taken up a new job as creative director for a top-tier, multiplatform game at Netflix. After working for nine years at Microsoft, Staten left to explore new opportunities, eventually joining the streaming giant. 

Joseph Staten: A Major Influence on the Halo Universe 

Staten made his fame by being a major influence in the Halo universe, from his writing and directorial duties in the iconic first-person shooter, to later works such as writing for Halo 3 and Halo Reach, as well as authoring books and writing short stories related to the franchise. 

According to the story by Game Spot, having served over nine years alongside Microsoft and Bungie’s Halo franchise, Joseph Staten is not done joining the gaming world yet. 

Staten Joins The Creative Team Of Netflix To Revolutionize Streaming Services’ Video Game Development 

Recently, he announced that he joined Netflix’s creative team in a major step forward for the streaming giant’s development of its own video games, as explained further in an article by The Verge. 

Staten is a major influencer in the world of Halo and Bungie fans. He was the cinematic writer and director of Combat Evolved and Halo 2, a writer for Halo 3 and Reach, and a writer and creative director for Halo 3: ODST. 

Joining Netflix as Creative Director for a New “AAA, Multiplatform Game” and Original IP 

He also wrote a book and a short story for the Halo universe. After helping to start the world of Destiny’s co-creative director, he returned to Microsoft and acted as the head of creative of 343 Industries. Yet, it was not enough, and now he has joined Netflix as creative director for a new “AAA, multiplatform game” and original IP. 

He is, as expected, very excited by the change in his work life, as he writes on his Twitter, “In my work life, there’s nothing I love more than collaborating with others to build worlds filled with iconic characters, deep mysteries, and endless adventures.” 

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The Impact of Joseph Staten on Netflix’s Move into Console and PC Game Development 

It is already known that Netflix invested in video game development in October with the news of 55 games in the works, and it has certainly created its own game studios, such as Oxenfree developer Night School Studios and studios in Finland and California, amongst other places. 

So far, the gaming releases from Netflix have been based exclusively on mobile ports like Into The Breach and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. The streaming giant exposed its plans for a cloud gaming service, and now with the hiring of Staten, it is clear that Netflix is taking a step up in its console and PC games development. 

Joseph Staten is certainly making a big move that many will pay attention to. With his impressive resume of work at Bungie and 343 Industries, it is certain that the gaming world will experience an incredible evolution at the hands of this incredible new talent.

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